Robert Bernecky is a fan of high-speed rail.

Fast trains are quiet, energy-efficient, relatively non-polluting (compared to airplanes or cars), comfortable, and do not subject their passengers to the evils of airports.

North America suffers from dismal rail service, compared to just about anywhere else on the planet. Trains in Canada operate at speeds of up to about 100kmh, at least when going downhill. A typical Italian current-technology trainset operates at about 300kmh, with the ability to operate at up to 360kmh:

Italian high-speed trainset

Bigger image: Italian high-speed trainset

Italian in-car train monitor

Bigger image: Italian in-car train monitor

This article on magnetic levitation transportation systems was written for Jack Layton, many moons ago, but it is still quite relevant:

Beyond Wheels: the Future of High-Speed Rail in Canada